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Dining removes the dishware bowl dirt trick

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Dining removes the dishware bowl dirt trick

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After the dishware bowl is stained with oil, it is not easy to clean. For example, put a little flour in the hot water, wash it into a very thin noodle soup, and then rinse it with water, it will be very clean.
1. The pots and bowls are stained with oil. You can wipe them with sawdust or ash, and then wash them with warm rice water.   
2. Bowls, dishes, chopsticks have scale, can be washed with salt and vinegar, can also be scrubbed with decontamination powder.
3. The kitchen knife cuts the meat and fish with astringency. You can rub a little ginger juice or vinegar on the knife, and the smell can be eliminated.
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4. Cut the chopping board, do not use too hot water to wash, otherwise the board will burst and deform.
5. The dirt on plastic utensils can only be scrubbed with cloth, vinegar or soap. It is not advisable to use decontamination powder to avoid the gloss of the surface.
6. Tableware filled with eggs and flour should be soaked in cold water and then washed with hot water. If you wash it with hot water first, the remaining food will stick to the utensils and it will be difficult to wash.
7. Casseroles and jars are fouled. Soak them in hot water, then brush them with a brush, then rinse them off with water.
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